Hello and welcome to Mick’s Fencing and Gates, we are a fully insured Victorian company, we are fully licensed and guarantee our workmanship, attention to detail and product quality 100%

‘Why use Mick’s Fencing and Gates for your new Driveway Gate?’ Here is a list of the main factors we take into consideration when you contact us.
We will always be responsive to your inquiry. We will contact you in a timely fashion and we will respond to your follow up questions quickly.

Estimate Clarity
Our estimate will make sense to you! We will provide you with a clear understanding of what we will do for you and how much it will cost.

Our Salesperson
At Mick’s Fencing and Gates, we always strive to be the best and maintain a high quality product and good honest service. We are certain you will feel comfortable will our professional experienced salesperson. Our salesperson is the face of our company and someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, and we are always happy to answer any questions that arise during the installation process.

Project Vision
It is our goal to take your vision and turn it into a project that you are excited about! We will help you paint a picture of your new driveway gate system that fit your vision before you even say start!

Lead Time
We always plan to install your automatic driveway gate in the time frame that’s right for you!

Our Company Size
We are a family owned business and we custom build every new Driveway Gate System, the great reason to work with a smaller company is you won’t get lost in the shuffle and we have the time to pay attention to detail to your new Driveway Gate System.

Knowledge of our Salesperson
Now with over 20 years experience our salesperson is full of knowledge, he is the owner. Hi I’m Mick from Mick’s Fencing and Gates and I am happy to answer any questions clearly and precisely for you at any time.

Willingness and Ability to Work with Other Contractor
Some companies want to do everything turnkey. If required Mick’s Fencing and Gates is happy to work with your designer, mason, or electrical contractor.

Thoroughness of the Estimate
We always include safety devices, reversing devices and emergency access in your new Driveway Gate estimate.

Price and Comparing Quotes
Price shouldn’t be your main determining factor. When you request some quotes if there is a huge difference in price between the 3 bids that you receive, try and determine what is causing the difference. Does one bid exclude something that the other quotes include? Maybe one of the bids includes electric or solar power, and the other two don’t. Try and make sure you are comparing apples to apples with our quotes. We are always happy to talk you through the differences of your quotes and look forward to the opportunity to quote on your new Driveway Gate System.

“Please don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll be looking forward giving you a free professional quote that you will understand, with no hidden costs and the promise of high quality workmanship, parts and attention to detail.”